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About Apulkee

Apulkee is group of technocrats who understands importance of farm & farmers. We are registered NGO working for upliftment of farmers since 2012. We thinks that India can grow in true sense only when Indian farmers grows. Apulkee has 9000 registerd members across the globe who gives time to time support for the cause. We are bhumiputras genuinely working for farmer issues since last 10 yrs & as a result we brought change in life of 10,000+ farmer families till date.

We , Apulkeean’s believe that any problem can be solve by constructive way & nation building is our own responsibility. We appeal youth of this country to work in constructive way for nation building.

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Our Vision

To bring Indian Agriculture towards sustainable farming practices & make Indian Farmers livelihood Sustainable through our different initiatives. To built farmer/ consumer favoring market where farmers gets exact returns of his genuine hard work.

Our Mission

  • Upliftment the Indian farmers through our initiatives.

  • To enhance automation in farming.

  • To provide better price to farm produce by encouraging processing Industry.

  • To involve Urban youth postively for the welfare of farmers.

  • To build a next generation of technosavy farmers.

  • Popular Activities of Apulkee

    We are a non-profital & Charity raising money for farmers

    Sanvad Yatra

    A campaign of bringing light in the life of suicidal indian farmer family

    Mazi Savedana

    Apulkee Agro Tool Bank situated at Taara Farm Arvi, Dist - Wardha. It will provide low cost solution for Labour issue of 350 farmers family. Thanks to Mr. Sachin Tendulkar, Mr. Sunandan Lele.

    Rugn Seva

    Apulkee London exhibition for indian farm produce. Apulkee is first NGO who has exhibited indian farmer produce abroad.

    Apulkee's Achievemtns in Numbers








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